Brandis is Lord rust from discworld

“He had the look of a lawn mower just after the grass had organised a workers’ collective. There was a definite suggestion that, deep inside, he knew this was not really happening. It could not be happening because this sort of thing did not happen. Any contradictory evidence could be safely ignored.” On Lord Rust Terry Pratchett Jingo

An apt description of Brandis handling iiNets statmentsthat they don’t collect what Brandis demands

Stopping unwanted git commits on a shared repository

I’ve occasionally run into people who modify and commit to a checked out build repoistory instead of making the changes on their workstation and pushing them in. I noticed that Galen Grover had a fairly neat solution to prevent himself committing to master (one I will probably copy for another workflow.)

So I borrowed and extended it.

DATE=`date --iso-8601=minute`



if [ `whoami` = $BUILDUSER ];
    echo "You should not be attempting to commit as the $BUILDUSER user"
    exit 1

function diff_all {
    git --no-pager diff $REPODIR
    git ls-files --others --exclude-standard |
    while read -r i; do git --no-pager diff -- /dev/null "$i"; done

function repo {

    if [ ! -d "$HOME/$REPONAME" ]; then
        git clone -q $MAINREPO $HOME/$REPONAME 2>/dev/null
    elif [ -d "$HOME/$REPONAME/.git" ]; then
        GIT_WORK_TREE="$HOME/$REPONAME" GIT_DIR="$HOME/$REPONAME/.git" git pull -q $MAINREPO 2>/dev/null

function unstage {
    git reset HEAD

echo "Do not commit to this repository."
echo ""
echo "This repository has changes deployed automatically."
echo ""
echo "a clone of this repository will be created or updated in your HOME Directory"
echo ""
echo "Your changes will be unstaged"
echo "and a patch will be created in your home directory"
diff_all > $HOME/$PATCHFILE
echo "you can apply the patchfile with the following command"
git apply ~/$PATCHFILE --directory=$HOME/$REPONAME/
echo "cd ~/$REPONAME && git-apply ~/$PATCHFILE"
echo "but this script has already done that for you"
echo "now simply add them, commit and push to the primary repo"
echo ""
echo "Please clean up after yourself with a git reset to ensure that this repo is consistant"
diff_all |mail -s "$USER just tried to commit" $EMAIL
echo "git reset HEAD --hard #note that this command should be used sparingly as it wipes all changes"

exit 1


Curriculum Vitæ


December 2012 - Ongoing, Linux Systems Engineer - Aconex, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Puppet wrangling.
  • Develop and maintain internal scripts to assist in automation goals.
  • Perform production releases.
  • Discuss and plan with other teams improvments to QA and development environments.

July 2011-December 2012, Systems Administrator - Experian Hitwise, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Involved in maintenance and growth of puppet modules
  • Developed inhouse puppet modules to manage Jenkins build nodes
  • Managed provisioning of xen and kvm virtual machines with cobbler and koan
  • Supported Centos, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu hosts
  • Implemented puppet managed Linux based selenium testing infrastructure
  • developed custom scripts to automated the provisioning and deployment of production systems with the AWS api
  • Assisted in the development of requirements and deployment of a production Hadoop environment
  • Responded to escalation requests our operation support team

July 2008-July 2011, IT Support Specialist - RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Managed imaging back-end for multi-boot labs.
  • Developed and implemented pilot method to multi cast clone a number of Apple MAC products.
  • Primary Support Staff for Linux and UNIX machines.
  • Assisted in implementing initial multi boot lab at our RMIT Vietnam Campus.
  • Assisted in implementing and support of consumer grade storage systems for research users.
  • Leading college involvement implementation of improved Authentication and directory mounting solutions for Linux and UNIX clients.
  • Leading pilot roll out of Puppet configuration management system for UNIX, Linux and OS X machines.
  • Trained new staff on IT support.
  • Determine requirements in a complex environment and develop non-trivial solutions.
  • Assisted in the implementation and planning of a new video on demand training tool.
  • Primary support for inter-uni Video conferencing Using the Access Grid system.
  • Documented software installations.
  • Trained and developed training systems for other IT staff on the access grid system.
  • Ensured that software compliance including licensing was correct and current.
  • Respond to support calls from users in various areas of the University.
  • Organise the scheduled replacement of hardware with users.
  • Identify and resolve faults with hardware and software installations in varying environments.
  • Coordinate with external support agents to resolve hardware and software issues.
  • Support Linux, OS X and Windows systems throughout the university.
  • Supply consumables to users in supported lab environments.
  • Arrange suitable replacements for historical equipment for specialist hardware.
  • Assist in the creation of images for various areas throughout RMIT.
  • Assist in the development of software and hardware requirements.

2006-June 2008, MIS Operator, Customer Support Operator - Lasseters Online Casino Alice Springs

  • Monitored the network and servers involved in running an on-line business.
  • Assisted the Senior Technicians in designing and choosing systems for continuing operations.
  • Am responsible for maintaining desktops systems.
  • Am responsible for first level after hours support for the hotel casino operations.
  • Involved in the day to day customer care operations as a first level contact.
  • required to prioritise issues and determine escalation requirements.
  • As required by this position passed a police background check prior to beginning this position and received a NT Government Gambling Key License.

2005-2006, Field Service Technician - Bizcom NT Alice Springs

  • Repaired and maintained various computer systems from Windows 95 to Windows XP and server operating systems.
  • Examined client requirements, advised, and then organized the purchasing of solutions.
  • Supported clients in confidential environments.
  • Supported clients in both primary and acute health care businesses.
  • Managed virus removal and prevention.
  • Provided support at several sites of medium to large size (30-160 Seats).
  • Developed several methods for remote resolution of jobs.
  • Assisted in migration of key systems and desktops to new administration technologies.
  • Was the field service technician responsible for refresh projects at 2 sites.
  • Managed disaster recovery and backup solutions.
  • Managed client migration from novel Directory solutions to MS Active directory solutions.
  • Diagnosed faults in medium sized networks.
  • Managed own workload relating to sites under personal responsibility.
  • Managed resolution of computer problems for remote sites via phone and also remote control systems (Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, VNC based solutions and DameWare primarily).
  • Installed and supported messaging and collaboration systems such as Microsoft Exchange\Outlook and Lotus Domino\Notes.

2003-2004, Technical support consultant - Micropower NT Alice Springs

  • Repaired and maintained various computer systems from Windows 95 to Windows XP.
  • Examined client requirements and advised them of solutions.
  • Managed virus removal and prevention.
  • Organised diagnostic and replace/repair of faulty products.
  • Maintained and installed new desktops, servers and software in a primary health care environment.

2001-2003, Part time technician - Self Employed Alice Springs

  • Repaired and maintained various computer systems from Windows 95 to Windows 2000.
  • Examined client requirements and advised them of solutions.
  • Assembled and tested custom computer systems to the clients requirement.
  • Built and maintained network systems for clients of various sizes.



Graduate Certificate of Information Technology Swinburne University

2000-2002 Centralian College Alice Springs

Senior secondary courses focusing on science and maths


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