Kevin is a YAML engineer who occasionally writes Go. He’s been in opsy roles for almost a decade and has many derps to show for it. A firm believer in giving control, ownership and responsibility to the devs that build the things. He has opinions about being on call, vendoring, ops (they don’t have to suck) and wifi (sucks).

You Can find him at the following places:

What’s on?


Currently I’m working on expanding the multi-cluster post. Unfortunately due to the length of time I’m effectively starting again due to brain thingy.

Then I’ll be doing a deploy series and some silly video routing

A larger list of things I want to work on can be found at my rarely updated blog


At this time my plan is to stream Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Evenings AE(S|D)Time. in an attempt to get some external accountability on my workflow. Come see me over at Twitch

Goals for the year


Several blog posts with topics including finishing the kubernetes series, a post on deployment frequency and business value and the last one in my head right now is an RPC comparison post. Streaming the research and occasionally writing for the posts.


More weight loss. More running. more fit