Curriculum Vitæ

Kevin Collas-Arundell


Linux Ops person. Does Go, Kubernetes, LANs, and runs slowly. I’ve been in devopsy roles for more than 7 years with a significant focus on close coordination with development teams. In my roles I have had to frequently and continually communicate across teams to reach success. What started as identifying and solving requirements for other teams at RMIT lead to working directly with Development teams to build new systems at Hitwise and Aconex and being one of the developers at LIFX. Over the last 3 years my software engineering skills have had rapid growth as I moved into a role that was effectively split between development and operations responsibilities.


Jan 2019 - Current, Solutions Engineer - ME Bank, Melbourne, Victoria

Operations, cloud, service mesh and kubernetes specialist

September 2016 - Jan 2019, Cloud Engineer - LIFX, Melbourne, Victoria

Operations specialist with a focus on scaling, resilience and maintaining Go Codebase.

July 2015 Volunteer - Packer and Vagrant Workshop with Norton Truter, Infracoders Melbourne

October 2013 - Ongoing, Sysadmin - Servers And Networks Team of Awesome (SANTA), Pax Australia, Melbourne, Victoria

December 2012 - September 2016, Linux Systems Engineer - Aconex, Melbourne, Victoria

Operations team member focusing on platform migrations and remediation

July 2011 - December 2012, Systems Administrator - Experian Hitwise, Melbourne, Victoria

Role focused on platform improvements, escalation support and project work

July 2008 - July 2011, IT Support Specialist - RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria


2012, High Performer of the year, Experian Hitwise

2012, Highflyer Award, Experian Hitwise GPD


2018, Kubernetes at LIFX v2, Infracoders Melbourne Meetup

A talk about the Mesos to Kubernetes Migration at LIFX

2018, Kubernetes at LIFX, REA DevOps Guild

A talk about the Mesos to Kubernetes Migration at LIFX

2018, Exploring gRPC balancing, Golang-Melbourne Meetup

A talk exploring the various types and patterns of load balancing and service discovery with gRPC

2016, Traefik, Consul, Docker and you, InfraCoders Melbourne Meetup

A Look at service discovery options with Docker and Traefik



  • Running: Slowly
  • Cycling: Not as slowly
  • Public Speaking: Infrequently


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