Kevin Collas-Arundell

Stopping Unwanted Git Commits on a Shared Repository

I’ve occasionally run into people who modify and commit to a checked out build repoistory instead of making the changes on their workstation and pushing them in. I noticed that Galen Grover had a fairly neat solution to prevent himself committing to master (one I will probably copy for another workflow.)

Wasting Time on Reddit

So bored and on reddit reading about myki I guess it’s time to do some hypothetical over-engineering. First the challenge: that a reasonably well designed system could not handle frequent updates from the number of buses and trams in Melbourne (trains are a different question because updating the stations is easier and harder.) Goals: Reduce the time it takes to update the card balance. And some assumptions (some of which are there to make the maths easier for me some to over engineer and some because I just felt they were reasonable.